Questions to Ask Before Hiring a NYC Moving Company

Moving is stressful, but moving in New York City is even more grueling. As a densely populated area, favorite tourist destination, and center of trade and finance, moving within NYC poses a mountain of challenges.

When hiring movers, it’s good to be extra picky. You’ll want to hire a company that genuinely understands your needs. And in this case, an NYC moving company that knows the ins-and-outs of the Big Apple.

With this in mind, here are practical questions to ask before sealing the deal with a New York City mover.

What Experience Do You Have With Moving?

Experience equals reliability. A proven track record means that the movers have plenty of exposure in the moving industry. This makes them efficient and less prone to errors. Plus, years of experience allows them to troubleshoot problems quickly.

However, you don’t necessarily need to look for a company with decades of experience. Even a startup will suffice as long as they have a good reputation. Be sure to check online reviews of movers before hiring. Now that you’ve cleared this one up, it’s time to move on to the next question.

May I Take a Look at Your Credentials?

Experience means nothing if there’s no authentication to back it up. Who knows? Movers could claim they’ve been relocating homes for ten years. But it could be ten years of scamming people! See, rogue moving companies are becoming more rampant nowadays.

It’s only rational to ask for credentials – Proof that they’re authorized to run a moving business. That said, your potential movers must provide at least one of these:

  • DOT number.  This is the king of all moving business certifications. Having one means that the movers have submitted all the requirements by the Department of Transportation and the FMCSA. To check, run the number on the FMCSA search tool. 
  • ProMover Certificate.  The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) awards this title to exceptional moving companies with no record of fraud or unsatisfactory relocation services.
  • BBB accreditation.  Similar to AMSA, BBB’s goal is to expose all rogue movers in the country. Getting accredited by the organization means that the movers are credible and have professionally delivered their customers’ demands.

What is the point of experience if they’re not credible?

What Type of Insurance Do You Offer?

The safety of items is one of the primary concerns when moving. So you’ll want to know what kind of damage the company covers in case things go south.

In general, there are two types of moving insurance:

  • Full-value Protection – this is the most extensive coverage you can get, but it comes with a twist: You’ll have to pay for all of your belongings to be insured. If the thought of moving your stuff makes you anxious, it’s better to purchase this insurance type for your peace of mind.
  • Limited-value Protection – this is the standard insurance that most companies offer. It’s free, and they guarantee to pay up to 60 cents per pound for damaged or lost items. If you’re confident with your movers and want to save money, you should get this one.

In addition to those two, there’s also extraordinary-value insurance that protects valuable items like antiques, collections, and electronics.

Where Can I Find Reviews About Your Company?

Movers would generally redirect you to their website, where you can find testimonials from previous customers. Of course, they want to put up a good image on their site, so they probably handpicked the best recommendations they could get.

If you want a more comprehensive compilation of customer experience, check out the reviews in legitimate sites like Yelp, Great Guys, and Google. If you wish to be more specific, reach out to the Better Business Bureau to see if there’s any complaint regarding your potential moving company.

Experience? Check. Credentials? Check. Reviews? Let’s find out.

Now that you’re done with the basic questions, this blog now brings you to the last important question:

How Well Do You Know NYC?

As stated in the beginning, moving to NYC is quite different from the usual move. And the fact that it’s one of the most congested cities in the country doesn’t help. But this doesn’t stop the influx of tourists from visiting the Big Apple. You also have crowded apartments, a lack of parking spaces, and dysfunctional elevators to worry about.

Your potential movers must know NYC well to overcome these hurdles. Suppose you hire a moving company from Nashville. Chances are they’re going to have a hard time dealing with the obstacles that come with moving to New York City. That’s why you should make sure to hire a reliable NYC moving company.

Everything set? Great! Do you know where to go? …um…?

Final Tip

Keep in mind that the questions above are somewhat generalized. You might have more specific concerns you want to discuss with your movers. If so, don’t hesitate to speak your mind!

As French playwright Eugène Ionesco said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

Hoping for the success of your move!

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