7 Items That You Should Let Professional Movers Pack

Experts say that a successful move relies primarily on proper planning and quality packing. Well, creating a plan isn’t difficult; the actual execution is, especially when packing your belongings.

Packing is perhaps the most crucial phase of the entire moving process. You want to make sure to box up all your stuff properly so nothing happens. And even if something does happen, you want to mitigate and minimize the damage.

To Pack or Not to Pack?

The idea of doing the packing yourself and saving some money can be quite tempting. However, a critical task like this could mess up your budget when done incorrectly. You might end up having to spend more on repairs or purchasing replacements if improperly packed items get broken in transit.

Additionally, if you’ve hired movers, you can’t expect them to take responsibility for items they didn’t pack.

Okay! But What Items Should I Let Movers Pack?

Good question. You can’t just leave everything to the moving company. Some things are better off prepared by you, such as personal items and medical records. You should also be present when movers are doing the packing so you can supervise them.

That said, here are seven things you should let movers pack:

1. Fragile Electronics

TVs, DVD players, consoles, and audio equipment can be quite tricky to pack. They’re sensitive to pressure and varying temperature conditions inside the truck. Movers know how to utilize wrapping materials in a way that keeps these items safe and intact.

2. Dishes and Glassware

The kitchen is typically home to most breakables in your house. If you’re not careful when packing them, they can easily shatter or crack due to vibrations and impact during transit. Some ceramics are quite rare and expensive. You don’t want to risk losing them when you move.

3. Computer Set

Although it’s also considered an electronic device, you have to be even more careful when moving a computer. Think about it as an expensive Lego set for adults. You’ll want it to be as secure for travel as possible. One screwed up component could render the entire computer useless.

Yes, you may think that you can move this by yourself, but these movers are highly skilled in making sure it is secure.

Yes, you may think that you can move this by yourself, but these movers are highly skilled in making sure it is secure.

4. Furniture Disassembly

Practically speaking, you can’t just shove your wardrobe or bookshelves into the truck. It’ll consume a lot of valuable space. For some furniture that’s too bulky to carry, movers make things easier by disassembling it. Taking things apart also frees up space so they can fit more items in the moving truck.

5. Refrigerator

Even though the fridge is sturdier than other electronics in your home, its massive structure makes it challenging to pack and move. But you don’t have to worry. Movers are physically fit and adequately trained to carry out tasks like this one. Plus, they have the proper equipment, like a dolly and straps, to transport appliances with ease. Just watch!

6. Books

Packing one or two books is a piece of cake. But packing an entire collection? That’s another story. Boxes filled with books are quite heavy to lift and carry even for two persons. To avoid hurting your back, entrust the labor to your movers.

Whether if it is a few or a lot, you've just got to let them handle these materials.

Let movers handle your collection of books.

7. Other Oddly-Shaped Items

Anything with a distinctive design, like pans, pots, lampshades, and vases, is hard to fit inside a box. Movers are trained and knowledgeable in the art of boxing up hard-to-pack items. They know how to utilize methods that can safely stack, pack, and wrap items with odd shapes.

What Are Things You Should Pack Yourself?

There are limits as to what things movers will touch. Some items hold a lot of sentimental value or are too much of a liability to pack.

Now that you know what items movers should box, it’s time to find out what stuff you should pack by yourself:

  • Jewelry. These precious little things can easily get lost in the mountain of inventory and should always be in the owner’s hands.
  • Important Documents. This includes tax returns, insurance information, licenses, medical records, and passports. Be sure to transport essential paperwork to your new home yourself.
  • Family pictures. Items as sentimental as these could easily get mixed up in moving boxes. You don’t want to lose those memories.
  • Personal items. This should be a no-brainerIt’s obvious you don’t want anyone handling your underwear, right?
But don't be too complacent. There ARE STILL items you have to pack yourself.

But don’t be too complacent. There ARE STILL items you have to pack yourself.

Packing can be demanding and tedious. Yes, you can ask for help from friends and family. However, hiring professional movers makes things faster, easier, and safer. Not to mention damage to items you pack yourself are not covered by the moving company’s insurance!

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