Bike Month NYC encourages New Yorkers to ditch traditional modes of transportation in favor of their bikes.

Best NYC Cycling Studios

Best Indoor Cycling Studios In NYC

New York City has plenty of indoor fitness gyms that are perfect for working out, regardless of the temperatures outside. And whether you’re a cyclist that prefers not to bike in the city’s busy traffic or are simply searching for the perfect sweat session, here are the best indoor cycling studios that get you moving in NYC has to offer.

Crank NYC

Located on 1658 3rd Avenue, Crank NYC is one of the most entertaining and welcoming indoor cycling studios in the city and aims to transform both your body and lifestyle at the same time. The studio implements various forms of cycling techniques into their workouts to stimulate muscle growth, fat loss, and increased stamina. Below are a few of the tactics that they use in different cycling sessions:

  • Crank Exhilarate: A cycling strategy that utilizes the power of music and rhythm
  • Crank Strength: A road simulation course that recreates the wild exploration of the outdoors
  • Crank Power: An advanced cycling workout designed to push your limits beyond what you thought you were capable of

Crank’s multifaceted approach can give you an extra book of excitement when you workout and leaves room for growth as your fitness level starts to increase. It’s a great studio to join for pushing yourself to the edge while getting in the best shape of your life.

Revolve Fitness

With large classes and a clean, modern design, Revolve Fitness on 52 E 13th Street is a great choice for indoor cycling. Members here are encouraged to rejuvenate their lifestyle and change how they move throughout their day with the power of cardio and cycling. The professional instructors at Revolve also help members find their ‘sweet spot’ of exercise (which includes athletic ability and stamina) to get the best out of cycling sessions.

The studio even offers several special event classes that can be used for the holidays, birthdays, wedding, and group events as well, and can provide a fun DJ to play energetic and motivational tunes while you and your friends sweat it out!

Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is located at 470 Columbus Avenue and serves hundreds of satisfied customers within the Manhattan area. It was created and founded by Ruth Zukerman, one of the most iconic names and faces in the cycling industry, and is known as a studio that can change an individual’s physical and mental health.This serious, no-games environment is perfect for those who are determined to get in shape and are looking for a sense of camaraderie among regular members in classes.

The bikes at Flywheel operate off of RPM choices and speed limitations to give you a workout that’s tailor-made for your needs. And along with the help of Flywheel’s top-notch instructors, it’s an excellent environment for achieving future fitness goals and staying focused.

Tips Biking New York City

What to Know About Biking in New York City

With its crowded streets and constant traffic, New York City isn’t exactly the best place to drive. For those looking for alternative transportation to work, social events, or various errands, consider riding a bike instead. NYC has plenty of bike lanes, park stations, and bike-friendly tracks around town. If you’re a first-time rider looking to take on the Big Apple, here are a few things to know about biking in NYC.

Choosing a Bike

If you don’t already own a bike, now is an excellent time to pick one out. Since not all bikes are best suited for the paved streets of NYC, it’s important to choose the right fit for your needs. For beginners, we recommend trying out a simple, single-speed model. It’s hard to go wrong with the bike’s basic and practical structure. And because it contains fewer parts, it can be an easy model to keep in good shape. They’re also much lighter than other bikes and are ideal for hauling up challenging hills or apartment steps.

Long-distance riders should consider buying a hybrid bike instead of a single-speed, which can make tough hills much easier to handle. As these bikes tend to be a little bit bigger and heavier than single-speeds, just be sure that you have enough storage in your home for safe keeping.

Riding in Traffic

While experienced bikers can easily handle the traffic and crowds of NYC, beginners should steer clear of roads until they’ve had a little practice. Instead, start on the city’s designated bike paths. After you get comfortable on these paths, try riding on streets with bike lanes and low traffic conditions, which can give you a chance to ride near traffic without forcing you to mingle with it. And after you feel safe riding your bike closer to traffic, you can make the transition to streets without bike lanes (if that’s part of your commute).

If you’re just learning how to ride a bike, try starting in one of the many parks around the city. They offer the safest and easiest option for practicing balance and rhythm, and it’s better to make mistakes in a calm park environment instead of streets or in traffic.

Rules and Regulations

NYC’s traffic rules for bikes are relatively simple. Since bikes are considered vehicles, they’re required to follow the flow of traffic, respect traffic lights, and keep lights on for visibility. With a few exceptions, bikes are also not allowed on the sidewalk and should remain in the designated bike lanes if any are available. Beyond these basic rules, you should also use common sense and defensive safety practices to stay safe in the city.

NYC Bike Storage Solutions

Owning a bike in New York City can be difficult if you live in one of Manhattan’s notoriously cramped apartment buildings. If storage is something that’s holding you back from purchasing a bike, it shouldn’t! During the warmer months, many New Yorkers store their bikes indoors using hooks or wall mounts to hang them from the ceiling. This space is commonly unused and provides the perfect solution for bike storage that’s out of the way. Our friends at Imperial Self Storage, a New York storage facility, also recommend renting a small storage unit during the winter months to stash away your bike when it’s too cold to ride.

City Bike

5 Reasons to Ride Your Bike to Work

When it comes to commuting to and from work, New York City has plenty of options to get you around its busy streets. From walking to taking the train to catching a bus, traveling to the office can be a breeze for those of you who don’t own a car. And if you’re trying to choose the best mode of NYC transportation, riding a bike is definitely a top contender, and we’ve got five reasons why you should pick up your own set of wheels and ride your bike to work today.

1. Improve Your Physical Health

Biking to work can benefit your physical health in many different ways. Riding regularly can dramatically increase your lung capacity and heart function, which can prevent cardiovascular problems later on in life. Biking can also burn an enormous amount of calories and help tone your ab, butt, and leg muscles.The more you bike, the more you’ll start to feel energized and empowered by what your body can do, giving you a boost of confidence in your workplace.

2. Boost Your Mental Health

Not only can biking improve your physical health, but it can also develop your mental capabilities as well. Studies show that regular exercise can enhance brain function and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, riding your bike on a daily basis can also boost feelings of happiness and dramatically reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression as well. It’s a great way to feel motivated and excited about the workday ahead of you and to help keep you clear-minded and focused.

Riding your bike to work each day can boost your positivity and brain power.

Riding your bike to work each day can boost your positivity and brain power.

3. Save More Money

Besides walking, biking is the only free option to commute to work. And although traveling a few miles on the subway costs next to nothing, think of what those costs could add up to after an entire year of taking the train to the office and back. Driving a car may be a convenient choice, but a recent survey shows that just owning a car can cost about $9,000 a year. That number includes general vehicle maintenance and gas and doesn’t even mention the cost of parking in NYC (which is known to be pretty expensive!).

4. Promote the City Environment

It goes without saying that cars and mass transit can wreak havoc on our environment. And while NYC is a beautiful place, it tends to become polluted from the masses of people who live there. Why contribute to the pollution of NYC when you could simply ride a bike to work? Riding a bike is the only method of commuting (besides walking) that doesn’t harm the environment at all.

Help save the environment and beat traffic at the same time by riding your bike to work.

Help save the environment and beat traffic at the same time by riding your bike to work.

5. Avoid Busy Traffic

One of the best things about riding your bike to and from work is that you can avoid busy traffic. With cars and buses, you can easily be stuck in traffic at any time during the day for hours on end, doubling your commute time and setting back appointments or meetings. And once you make it to work, you won’t have to waste time scouring the company parking lot for a free space either, as riding a bike allows you to bring your bike into the building or attach it to an outdoor structure.